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Creativity & Wellbeing week 2017

Thursday 15th June

Creativity & Wellbeing week 2017 saw Bubble host two events for creative older adults in our local area.

Balancing Act: a sharing of work

Does the way you look on the outside reflect the way you feel on the inside?Can you remember the way your body felt 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago?

Older adults worked alongside professional theatre and circus artists from London Bubble and Complicite in a series of exploratory workshops,investigating the limits of what we feel ourselves to be and what our bodies tell us we are.
They shared some of this journey and their findings in a participatory workshop during Creativity and Well-being week, bringing together artists, local professionals, volunteers and older adults. 

Creative Homes Cabaret

Members from all 7 Creative Homes groups, who meet in sheltered accommodation across Southwark, came together for an afternoon of scratch performances, songs and stories.

photographs - Balancing Act
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