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Hiroshima Dispersed

Stories of Hiroshima, shared by the world. 

2015 sees the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. London Bubble have been developing a play script from interviews conducted by the children of the city, with the survivors from 1945.
Grandchildren of Hiroshima - which is being written by Misaki Setoyama, will be performed by an intergenerational cast in Hiroshima and Tokyo during August 2015. Hiroshima Dispersed seeks to share this story with a wider audience.
We are finding that in London, word Hiroshima means nothing to many younger people. Meanwhile in Hiroshima the citizens are trying to share their experience, hoping the world might learn from the event and avoid a repetition.

On August 6th each year, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony remembers the victims of the atomic bombs and reflects on the concept of peace. This is followed by a Lantern Festival which takes place on the Motoyasu River. Participants decorate their lanterns with messages and pictures before floating them on the river creating a moving and powerful spectacle. 

On the anniversary this year we have invited groups around the world, to arrange a reading of the Grandchildren of Hiroshima script. It’s less than an hour long, has parts for both children and adults, and includes some simple instructions for lightly animating the reading.  Nine groups, in seven different countries, around the world have come forward to read the script on this day.
Using the wonders of the internet, we aim to link readings together and document the endeavour. 

Bubble participants will be one of these community companies, mirroring this ceremony at the Creekside Discovery Centre, floating the lanterns in the Thames, following our reading of the script.

Help us share this story.

Thu 6th August
8.30pm onwards at Creekside Discovery Centre, Deptford.

To book for the event CLICK HERE

Part of Bubble's Grandchildren of Hiroshima and After Hiroshima intergenerational projects.

If you are interested in taking part in a similar event next year please contact 

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