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Rivers and People

Rivers and People took place on the evening of Sunday, 16th September 2012. 

It was a free ticketed public performance set outdoors in Ladywell Fields presented by local artists and residents working with London Bubble Theatre Company. The event was designed to celebrate the regeneration of Ladywell Fields and the River Ravensbourne. 

It was attended by a total audience of 450, ranging widely in age and diversity. Responses to the park and performances gathered through Survey Monkey were detailed and positive.

The event was instigated and developed over six months, led artistically by Bubble’s Creative Director Jonathan Petherbridge and co-ordinated by local community and youth worker Melissa Knight.  London Bubble set out to involve a wide range of local people by conducting a 'shout-out', through press, leaflets, emails and social media. A database was compiled, targeting local organisations, schools, arts networks, online forums, small community groups, sports venues, pensioner groups and youth clubs. Park users were contacted via word of mouth with a short message that the plans were being laid for a magical evening of mixed performance and art that would celebrate the flora, fauna, and people who use Ladywell Fields and enjoy the Ravensbourne.

Find out more about the process of creating Rivers and People HERE

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Lewisham Council, European Union Regional Development Fund, European River Corridor Improvement Plans, INTERREG IVC. 
Special thanks to Nick Pond and his team at Lewisham's Nature Conservation Unit.

photographs (taken by Steve Hickey)
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